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Fuel for Your Brain

Brain Fuel

ThinkStraight™ was recently developed as a brain food or supplement, designed to reduce stress, increase memory levels, and boost overall mental alertness.*

In recent decades, the profound effect of supplements on our bodies has come to the forefront of public interest.

We have nutritional products designed to reduce your cholesterol, help you lose weight, improve the functioning of your heart, liver, kidneys, blood, etc.

But the most important of all organs – the brain – has until recently been largely ignored.

Studies show that, no matter what our age, we can increase our thinking capacity. While it is generally well-known that we can do this with lifestyle choices, for most of us, such choices are often too difficult or time-consuming to implement.

But what if there existed a daily supplement that was so cleverly formulated that it would improve or increase our overall brain power?

The great news is that such a supplement now exists!

ThinkStraight™ is a combination of nutrients that have been validated in the medical literature

Known as ThinkStraight™, it is a combination of nutrients that have been validated in the medical literature - and clinically - to help each of us achieve precisely what its name implies – it helps us to think straight.

The Think Straight formula is an amalgam of brain specific herbs and nutrients shown to support healthy brain and emotion function. *

Research suggests that ThinkStraight™’s ingredients are associated with:

  • increased energy
  • enhanced focus
  • improved sleep
  • reduced effects of stress
  • enhanced mood and relaxation
  • enhanced memory
  • increased overall mental alertness.*

In order to help limit or avoid the negative effects of stress, increase energy levels, enhance our mood and ability to relax, improve our sleep, enhance our memory, and improve mental alertness and focus, some very specific nutrients have been included in ThinkStraight™.

The all-natural supplements enhance memory, reduce the effects of stress and make you feel alert and focused

These synergistic nutrients are: Vinpocetine (a derivative of the periwinkle plant), Rhodiola rosea (a Russian herb), Ginkgo biloba, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B6, T-3 Arginol Complex as well as L-theanine.*

ThinkStraight™ (sometimes called Think Straight) comes in capsules (60 per bottle) to be taken twice daily – first thing in the morning and then in the late afternoon.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


ThinkStraight™ Blog

New ThinkStraight Supplier

You may have heard that ITV Ventures, the supplier of our ThinkStraight brain supplement, is no longer in business.
Not to worry though, as we have a great new supplier. So to order, just continue to click on any of the Buy Now buttons sprinkled throughout our website. You should find that orders are now shipped […]

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Thinkstaight - Buffalo, NY Meeting

Join ITV Ventures for a Live Open Opportunity Meeting, Training, and ThinkStraight Product Presentation in Buffalo, NY
The Super Saturday Training Event will be held in Buffalo, New York at the Holiday Inn Hotel at the Buffalo International Airport, on Saturday, January 26th. Super Saturdays offer a day of training that you and your downline won’t […]

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Two New ITV Products You Might Like

ITV Ventures has added a couple of new products to its product line that some ThinkStraight users may be interested in.
Created by Dr. Kalyani Kumar, one of America’s top OBGYNs and who was recommended for the position of U.S. Surgeon General, Estrosym naturally alleviates the uncomfortable symptoms of both PMS and menopause.
A unique mix of […]

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You Can Sell ITV Ventures Products

As you may know, ITV Ventures is a network marketing company that promotes nutritional products by broadcasting infomercials across America.
Starting this coming week, if you join ITV Ventures you will also be able to join its Home Agent Program. This program allows you to take live phone calls from viewers of the infomercials who are […]

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The ITV Ventures Product Line

In addition to ThinkStraight, a wonderful supplement to aid your memory, concentration and thinking ability, ITV Ventures offers a wonderful line of other great natural products…with more products being released each month.
So in the past few months, ITV Ventures has expanded its product line to include WaferThin (a 3 part system for weight reduction); Hope […]

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Robert Rudelic – ThinkStraight Creator

Robert Rudelic is the creator of ThinkStraight. We thought it would prove useful to provide you with a little background on Robert.
Robert Rudelic has a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education. He is a certified Neuromuscular Therapist and Medical Exercise Specialist with a clinical practice in San Francisco, California for the past […]

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How to Order ITV Products

For those of you who are ordering for the first time, I thought it might be helpful if I provided you with a brief summary describing the ordering process for ThinkStraight.
When you choose to buy Think Straight from our Clearer-Thinking website, you will be transferred to ITV Ventures’ corporate website itself, so that you can […]

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Save 20% off the Regular Retail Price for Think Straight

You can now purchase Think Straight on the Order Assurance Program and save 20%!
When you buy direct from ITV Ventures (as you do with our website) you can choose to use the Order Assurance Program. When you do so, you will automatically be shipped one bottle (a month’s supply) of Think Straight every month. So […]

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ThinkStraight Coming to Canada?

We are hopeful that ThinkStraight and the other natural products of ITV Ventures will be made available for purchase in Canada in the not too distant future.

ITV Ventures has been working diligently these past months to obtain Health Canada clearance for its wide array of nutritional and natural products.

In addition, it has been […]

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You Can Sell ThinkStraight

If you are happy with your purchase of ThinkStraight and think others might benefit from it, you might want to consider becoming an Independent Business Owner (IBO) with ITV Ventures.
As an IBO, you can retail Think Straight and the other great ITV products in several ways.
Like any other network marketing system (ITV Ventures is a […]

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What is ThinkStraight™?

ThinkStraight™ capsules include a combination of brain specific nutrients and herbs shown to support healthy brain and emotional function.
Research suggests the ingredients in ThinkStraight™ are associated with reducing the effects of stress and increasing energy.*
Think Straight also enhances mood, facilitates relaxation and sleep, enhances one’s memory and focus and generally boosts mental alertness.
As the name […]

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